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明治座創業140周年記念 5月3日(金・祝)~5月27日(月)

In the fresh of the early summer,
young performers flutter at the Meijiza theater.

Schedule : May 3rd through 27th


TIME SCHEDULE (Japanese Language only)
The word “貸切” in the time schedule means sold out, and “休演” means the suspension of the performance.

Matinee 11:00am

approximately 4 hours, including 2 intermissions.

SANEMORI MONOGATARI 【The Tale of Sanemori】

A play about the early days of the rivalry between the Genji and Heike warrior clans. Minamoto no Yoshitomo, the leader of the Genji clan was defeated by Taira no Kiyomori, the leader of the enemy Heike clan. Yoshitomo’s brother Yoshikata received the white banner of the Genji clan in trust from the Imperial Court and watched for the chance to restore the Genji clan. But his plan was discovered by the side of Heikes, so he entrusted his pregnant wife Aoi Gozen to a farmer Kurosuke and left the white banner in charge of Kurosuke’s daughter Koman. The Heike closed in on him and he met a heroic death.
Kurosuke goes fishing and catches a severed arm with a white banner. The warrior Sanemori has been charged by the leaders of the dominant Heike clan with finding Aoi Gozen. He is to kill her child if it is a son who can succeed to head of the clan, but old loyalties to the Genji lead him to protect the boy. Kurosuke’s wife asserts that Aoi Gozen has given birth to an arm. Sanemori admits it quoting the fable in ancient China that an Empress gave birth to an iron. Sanemori tells the story of how Koman who is protecting Aoi Gozen, bravely fought to protect the white banner, the sacred standard of the Genji, from the Heike. Sanemori severed her arm lest the white banner should belong to the Heike clan. As the farmer family grieves over the story, Koman’s dead body is carried into the farmer’s house. Koman mysteriously comes back to life when her severed arm is rejoined to it, but she expires soon.
Aoi Gozen gives birth to a boy and names him Komaomaru. Kurosuke hopes to make his grandson Tarokichi to Komaomaru’s retainer. Aoi Gozen says Tarokichi has to render distinguished service as his mother Koman is in fact a daughter of a warrior of the Heike clan. At this moment Senoo Juro Kaneuji, who has also been charged with finding Aoi Gozen and killing her child, comes and demands to hand over Komaomaru. Tarokichi stabs Senoo, which makes it possible for him to be appointed as Komaomaru’s retainer. As Tarokichi challenges Sanemori to avenge his mother’s death, Sanemori promises to be defeated in a battlefield in the future.


Yosaburo, the refined young son of a wealthy merchant falls in love with Otomi the moment he first sees her on the beach. But Otomi is the mistress of a powerful gangster, and when their relationship is discovered, the two are attacked. Yosaburo is cut from head to toe and the two are dumped into the sea.
Otomi lives and is taken in by a rich merchant Izumiya Tazaemon while Yosaburo is now covered with scars. Yosaburo turns into a petty thief and extortionist but one day, finds that the woman he is about to blackmail is none other than Otomi, alive and well. Yosaburo tells his life story to Otomi and complains about her easy life with Tazaemon. Otomi excuses herself saying she has no affair with Tazaemon. Tazaemon gives Yosaburo much money and recommends him to leave his life of crime and start business with the money. Tazaemon stops Otomi as she tries to go out feeling sorry for Tazaemon. He gives Otomi an amulet case and goes out to his shop. She finds his birth document in it and knows he is her brother. Yosaburo vows to live together with her as he returns to her and hears about the situation.

Evening 4:00pm

NOTE:Only on 16th May, Evening Performance starts at 17:15.

approximately 3 hours and 20 mins, including 2 intermissions.

SHOGUN EDO WO SARU 【Tokugawa Yoshinobu Leaves Edo】

This modern play by Mayama Seika is part of a trilogy about the fall of the Tokugawa shogunate. The shogunate official Yamaoka Tetsutaro has already pleaded successfully to the imperial forces for the life of the shogun in return for his surrender. But the guards of the shogun Yoshinobu insist on continuing fighting and the shogun begins to reconsider.
He criticizes the shameless and outrageous deeds of the enemy on the pretext of their loyalty to the Emperor and decides to fight against them. The shogun tells how ardent the loyalty of his family to the Emperor for generations. Yamaoka objects to it and says that it is not ‘loyalty to the Emperor’ but ‘reverence for the Emperor.’ The real loyalty should be to observe the invariable principle ‘authority is power.’ Now that the shogun has returned his political power, he should also return the land and the people. That is the real royalty.
The shogun resolves to leave Edo without a struggle as he promised. To Yamaoka’s apology for having been rude to him, he says he will not forget the real royalty. He gives blessing to the future of Japan and leaves Edo.

FUJI MUSUME 【The Wisteria Maiden】

The spirit of wisteria blossoms dances of love in the form of a beautiful young maiden. The scene is set in Otsu City near the Lake Biwa. This dance is one of kabuki’s most famous and colorful dances.

KOI TSUKAMI 【Catching a Carp】

The sword Ryujinmaru, the heirloom of Tsuri family, is lost and the chief retainer Shinomura Jiro Kimimitsu is looking for it. Princess Kozakura of Tsuri family longs for a page whom she met in Kiyomizu temple. As Shinomura and his wife Kuretake promise her to seek him, she feels relieved and falls asleep.
Her surroundings are lit up with the glow of fireflies as she wakes up. The glow tempted her to walk. A big carp comes up to the surface and a beautiful page comes out piping. He is Takimado Shiganosuke whom the princess longs for. She is pleased with this dreamlike reunion with him and they embrace each other.
But this was a dream. She is a little disappointed as she talks about her dream. There comes Shiganosuke. She is rejoiced to see him believing him to be the real Shiganosuke and meets him in private according to Kuretake’s advice. Katada Gyobu, an envoy from Shinoda family comes and requests that the princess be married into their family. Shinomura declines this and answers that he will present the sword Ryujinmaru, the missing heirloom, to Kanpaku (chief adviser to the Emperor). As he draws it, its virtue and influence blow up a storm and the shadow of the princess and big carp falls on a paper sliding door of the inner room.
Seeing this, Gyobu denounces her as an adulteress, so Shinomura slayed him. Then princess and Shiganosuke appear there accompanied by Kuretake. This Shiganosuke is the incarnation of the spirit of a carp of the Lake Biwa and plots to destroy Tsuri family out of grudges for years. An arrow strikes it which is shot by the real Shiganosuke.He chases it to the Lake Biwa where he fights with it in a heavy rain, until at last he puts an end to its life.


TICKET PRICE(tax included)

★12,600 yen
Stalls / the front of Dress Circle

★8,400 yen
the first two rows on the both sides of Dress Circle

★5,250 yen
the last two rows on the both sides of Dress Circle / the front of Upper Circle

★3,150 yen
the both sides of Upper Circle

For the seating plan, click here.(Japanese Language Only)

NOTE:Everyone is required to have a ticket. Children under 5 years of age will not be admitted into our theater.




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